back to black; or, the anthology

thoughts about the outside from within.


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I’m pushed to the edge
Falling through the cracks
But no one sees
– Not even you

From my mouth comes the venom and the peace
The parts that could fix this are all within me
But they’re buried and struggling to be free

Just scratching and screaming to be set free

And I’m drowning in this noise
I must be-
Because I can never hear you clearly

My ears hear the pain
And the deep violet waves of disappointment you shoot at me
But my dear, I wasn’t wearing protection
And you hit my heart

You left me
Bleeding and in pain
Drowning and falling
Lying in the dust

You left me on my own
When I needed you most


Written by gringuitaecuatoriana

November 1, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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